Our Sunday Church Gathering

Those that believe in Jesus must come together in order to build each other up in the faith. Each Sunday we gather together in purposely small meetings in the context of a full meal in homes. We desire to share our food, both physical and spiritual, with glad and generous hearts. We share in spiritual songs, prayers, teachings and the Lord's Supper. We believe that all believers gather to play their part in love to edify the body. Although our elders prepare to teach each week, all believers that have started our seven week basic training are encouraged to share during the meeting in order to encourage and build up the body. For more about why we ask others to go through this training time before sharing during the meeting, see the post below "Letters of Recommendation". Although we are small, we have structure and accountability. We strive to walk unified as Jesus prayed for the church to be and look for ways to unite around the gospel. We have a passion to bring people to Jesus, see them discipled and then watch them disciple others.

Our launch church

We are just launching our first church plant in a home in McDonough, GA. Most of our churches will meet in homes, and although we feel that it is the best place, it is certainly not the only place for our churches to meet. Although small, we are serious about the need for accountability and structure to ensure these meetings are healthy churches. If you would like to know more about our new church in McDonough, GA, click the "connect" link above and send us a message. We would love to hear from you!

The Simple Vision

We anticipate a day when we will have these Simple Life Church meetings all over the United States and the world.  Once a meeting exceeds the available space, we will plant another church. Our elders shepherd 8 to 10 families and may rotate homes to assist in teaching when necessary.

Although we meet differently than most churches in our culture, we walk alongside them in an effort to serve and reach our communities.  We are so grateful for their encouragement and hope that we too can be an encouragement to them.

We have a vision to see all of the Simple Life Church gatherings periodically come together for a large celebration. These celebrations will help remind us that although each meeting is small, we are all part of THE Church. Our model provides easy opportunities for quick growth and depth as we focus on discipleship and helping every member play their part by using the gifts that God has uniquely gifted them with.  

Paul's "Letters of Recommendation"

In 2 Corinthians 3, Paul discusses the idea of "letters of recommendation." He is telling the Corinthians that, because of the relationship and ministry that is already known to them about Paul, he should not need any other "letters of recommendation." This has led us to believe that it would have been normal for visiting brothers to carry a letter from his church to verify that he is a person that is in good relationship with the body of Christ and with the Lord. We live in a different age now where people can be known via emails and phone calls. But, the need is still there to have some sort of relationship with a person before they are given the floor and can take time during the meeting.

Our time of breaking bread and edification only happens typically once a week, and time is relatively limited (we aren't together the whole day). We believe it is wise to help brothers and sisters who have never been a part of an open meeting to have someone help them understand the purpose (edification of the whole body) of why we share. This is a time for the Holy Spirit to lead each one however He sees fit. If a guest comes in and doesn't understand the biblical pattern for this open time and the biblical purpose, a brother or sister could come in for the first time and quench the Holy Spirit.

All that said, if we know someone or a person is known by someone we trust, then we take that to be almost like Paul's letter of recommendation he referred to in 2 Corinthians 3. We would be blessed to have such a person share and build during the meeting. We want to make sure that if only 2 or 3 people are to speak, that those sharing understand the seriousness of why and how they ought to speak.

We believe the church functions based on relationships that we have with the Lord and with each other. If a person comes in that no one knows, and we know nothing about where they are in their understanding of scripture and how to be led by the Holy Spirit in their sharing, we would rather get to know them a little first. The basic training time is a perfect opportunity for us to get to know you and you us. Not only will it help you understand about our gatherings, but wonderful foundational truths about walking with Jesus are shared during the study.