Where is God today?

Do you ever wonder where God is in the midst of all the chaos in our world? The Bible tells us that He is at work, allowing people to be in places that will cause them to seek Him. 

To help us find Him, He sent Jesus 2,000 years ago to teach us who God is and how He wants us to live. As we find Him, He asks us to stop going our own way and to follow Him. 

In and of ourselves, we cannot follow God because we like going our own way.

Jesus made a promise when He was here, telling people that if they would have faith in Him, He would give them new life and the power to walk in His ways. He was rejected by most people and even put to death, because they didn’t believe He was really God. He proved that He was God by rising from the dead after three days.


One day, God will judge all people based on whether they trusted in Jesus to make them right with God, or whether they too rejected Him, not believing He was really God's Son.

So, if you have ever wondered where God is in the midst of all of this chaos, He is right in the middle, desiring that all people will look for Him, so that through Jesus He can know them and have them follow His ways.

[to read about this in the Bible, go to Acts 17:22-34]

The path of repentance

In the Bible, we read multiple times that we must REPENT to be a follower of Jesus.  Repentance is a change of mind. It is the process of thinking one way your whole life and then completely changing directions.  Repentance is turning from who you used to be and letting God make you into a new creation in Christ.  It is a fresh start. The Bible calls this process being born again, like a baby in Christ. The fruit of a person truly repenting, is that they will begin seeking after and following Jesus. Our church wants to walk with you and help you grow from a baby into a mature Christian.

Midweek Simple Life Groups

One way we share God's incredible news with our community is by hosting Bible studies throughout the week at one of the homes of our church members. The purpose of these Life Groups is to share a story from the Bible, pray together and encourage one another to seek the Lord. We also have time to answer questions and deal with issues that we might be facing.  This is a relaxed place for both followers of Jesus and those who are curious to come together and learn. Click the "connect" tab to find out more about our Simple Life Groups.

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