What is Simple Life Church?

We are a new church plant that seeks to start a network of small churches that are unified by the pure simplicity that is in Christ. We are a family model, rather than a business model, and find that there is great blessing when we focus on studying the scriptures, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers.

Although we meet differently than most of our brothers and sisters in the United States, we find that this way of  church gathering is not so unique in other cultures and certainly not in Biblical times. It is highly personal, deeply edifying, easily replicable and cost nothing to fund.

We desire to follow a life together where we all pursue love, all pray, all walk together in unity, all build up, all live on mission, all make disciples, and all share and give.

A Family Gathering

Imagine yourself at a good family reunion, one with joy and laughter, children giggling, the clanking of dishes and the smell of food prepared with the love of other people in mind.  Conversations are sincere and even purposeful investments in each others' lives.  Prayers of grateful hearts would be offered before breaking the bread together. Classifications of age, marital status or skin color are needless because you are all family. The children love to talk to the adults because they know the adults love them and want to listen.  New members of the family, through marriage or adoption, would be surrounded with warmth, brought to the table, and would leave with a desire to be a part of this family. Now imagine that what we are describing is the weekly gathering of the church. This is a picture of a Simple Life Church gathering.

Simple Life Church is a spiritual family

Simple Life Church is not just a place you go, but instead, it is a spiritual family that you belong to. Just like the family reunion described above, our churches are filled with spiritual grandparents, mothers, fathers, children and babies that represent in spiritual terms what we should see in a healthy family.  We gather and share in physical and spiritual food in a desire to build each other up in Christ.  We believe all believers are needed to help build the church.  Through discipleship, we help challenge each other to be stronger in Christ, just like a father and mother would teach their child to drink from a bottle, eat, crawl, walk and run. 

We do not walk alone

We are aware that we no longer live in the Bible belt. By one estimate, only 8 percent of the million people inside the 285 perimeter of Atlanta have any inclination toward church at all. With a population of more than 5 million in the metro area, only 27 percent are considered evangelical believers, leaving millions who still need to know Christ. In our own area, there are an estimated 420,000 lost people who need to find the treasure of Jesus.

As we launch Simple Life Church, we are so very humbled by the equipping and support that has been provided through our sending church, Atlanta Reformation Fellowship, the Southside Baptist Network, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and the North American Mission Board's Send Atlanta to reach the unreached. We are reminded by them often that we are not alone and we are grateful for their support.

We are also very grateful for those who have walked with us in the past to help develop the passion to see these meetings available for everyone. We have been privileged over the past 8 years to be a part of small churches that functioned like a family in sweet unity where love and true edification took place. Through their sacrifice, we have seen that the dream of Simple Life Church is possible.